A super powerful and flexible HTML
Material Design Admin Template.



Create amazing scalable apps using one of our responsive layouts that adapt to any possible screen size.



Classic Layout uses a persistent navigation drawer which can toggle open or closed. The drawer sits on the same surface elevation as the content.



Compact Layout adopts the same principles as classic layout introducing a minimal drawer design. Dropdown menus are supported.



Toolbar Layout uses a temporary navigation drawer which can toggle open or closed. Closed by default, the drawer opens temporarily above all other content.



Boxed Layout lets you apply a custom background to your body when all your content is centered with the background flowing around it.



Funky Layout has a mini-drawer at the same elevation as the content with second level navigation. Ideal for a minimal application design.



Tabbed Layout is popular because of its simplicity and usability. It provides a consistent, easy way to navigate between various screens in the application.


Ready made and well thought dashboards with unique widgets to kick-start your project

commerce dashboard
crypto dashboard
classic dashboard
classic dashboard
classic dashboard
classic dashboard


Outstanding apps offer a rich user experience built with Material Design Components

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Unique features and brilliant design aimed to make you stand out from the crowd

Multiple Layouts

Choose from 6 different layouts, each one crafted with attention to detail for a smooth user experience

Unlimited Colors

Color in Portal is inspired by bold hues juxtaposed with muted environments, deep shadows, and bright highlights

Amazing Support

We’ve got your back. Just open a ticket in our support forum and our 5 star support team are waiting to help

Quality Code

Following the best coding practices, we strive to keep our code up to the highest standards

Material Web Components

Material Design synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science

Responsive Design

Portal supports design and usability best practices across platforms to help create beautiful user experiences

Grid CSS

Portal ensures consistency across layouts and breakpoint details about how content reflows on different screens

Free Updates

Keep your website up to date and safe with free updates for an unlimited amount of time

Customer Reviews

We value our customers and don't just take our word for it. Here's just some of the 5 star reviews of our products

Excellent work by Oxygenna. well-documented and awesome support
star star star star star
We created a beautiful app with this angular template, worked perfectly and support was great.
star star star star star
Fantastic project layout and good code style, you can tell they put a lot of thoughts into this, and the way they executed material design is simply marvelous.
star star star star star
This is def the best Angular Material theme out there. Beside the code quality, it provide things that Angular Material does not. The developer provides great support and very knowledgeable about Angular Material. You won't regret buying this theme.
star star star star star
Lots of components integrated and for someone learning Angular, having this framework full of both the HTML template as well as Angular code (following John Papa's best practices!) it has made it sooo much easier to learn Angular.
star star star star star
The code is understandable and is being continiously updated to follow popular design guidelines. The customer support is excellent, the team is responsive. The documentation is well organized.
star star star star star

Tech Specs

Using the latest Google's Material Components for the Web so that you can Create beautiful apps with modular and customizable UI components.

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    HTML Only

    Keep it vanilla use only HTML & JavaScript

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    Material Components Web

    Built with Google's Material Components Web

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    RTL Ready

    Flip things to RTL with no problems

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    Pace Loader

    Includes Pace JS loader

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    Chart.JS Widgets

    Create beautiful charts for your dashboards

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    Beautifully Coded

    Coded by our frontend gurus

  • 5 Star Support

    Our famous 5 star support are happy to help

  • Icons Galore

    Includes Font Awesome & Material Icons

  • Cross Browser Compatible

    Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Opera, IE11 compatible